The Forget you not project

memoriaThe Forget you not  project

The Forget you not project develops an ideal path which starts from the historical memory of folk music with the performance of two or more traditional pieces of the Klezmer repertoire. It is the vivid memory of the ghetto: folk music, feast music, sacred music, a symbolic and tangible evidence of a world wiped out by human folly.

The programme goes on with Viktor Ullmann’s String Quartet n° 3, written in 1943 during Ullmann’s detention at Theresienstadt and thus conceived in the most sullen and painful period of the XX century.

At the end of the concert the Remembrance theme reappears through the performance of Shostakovich’s String Quartet n° 8 op. 110 (1960), dedicated to the victims of Fascism and war: a warning encompassing tragedy, gloomy resignation and hope that all this will never happen again.

Forget you not!